Filter Media


Fluval Pre-Filter is designed to capture solid waste before they reach other media. This prevents premature clogging of finer filters and extends their life, reducing media replacements frequency. Fluval Pre-Filter consists of inert, solid ceramic rings used to trap large and medium solid particles before they clog the finer sieves of the modules above. The diversified water flow allows establishment of biological activity on the surface of the rings, adding to the overall biological action on ammonia and nitrite.
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I’ve had my tank up and running for a month prior to buying the prefilter media, bio media, and filter floss. Before I installed these, my water was fairly clear, just a little cloudy, but nothing that I would have worried about. However, after I put this in, my water was crystal clear. I’ve never had a tank with water so clear. It’s quite amazing. I have a fluval FX5 filter with the prefilter media and a bag of carbon on the top rack, 2nd shelf has 2 boxes of fluval bio media, and 3rd shelf has the filter floss with 2 boxes of biomedia. That’s what it took to fill my filter. I found it was cheapest at the time on amazon. I have a 125g tank with a walleye and a couple dozen feeder fish (so a fairly messy bunch of fish). I highly recommend this stuff. Works great (been using this for 3-4 months)

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