Solar Power

   The UPG 87530 Solar Generator


If you have been involved with aquaponics for very long, you will know the gut wrenching feeling when an electrical storm or a car accident knocks down a power pole and your home is without electric for God knows how long.  You try to call the electric company and they have no idea, usually resulting in getting an answering machine. Your fish have only a couple of house without oxygen before they start dropping like flies. Been There! Done That! So what are your alternatives? Go Green Guys! Yes,  you have to start thinking about back up power. Solar power is one of the first solutions, but you may want to get a bank of 6 volt golf cart batteries hooked up in a series to last you for larger loads and longer periods without power.

solar power

What you will want to do is look at your essential equipment such as pumps, heaters, lights and anything else. Look at how many watts the total usage you require amounts to. Your solar power must equal more than the total of all your equipment.

I have offered a look at a pretty awesome solar power system that is plug and play. When you are starting from scratch, this will require you to hook up an inverter, controller, solar panels and batteries. This little power system is all ready to go,, Just charge it up and you are ready for anything. You can also take this solar power generator with you when you go camping, tailgate parties, picnics or even on work sites.

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